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Shareholders engagement is realized by dialogue with companies’ management, presence at the general meetings and voting of the proposals; the exercise of the shareholders engagement actions is carried out with the aim of leading the companies to a better and fair governance.


“Etica SGR actively participates and exercises the rights, even through third parties, in the shareholders meeting”

(Art. 5 Etica SGR articles of association) 

“Etica SGR exercises, on behalf of the Participants, theirs voting rights connected to the securities in portfolio. The company must not join voting trusts aiming to get the control” 

 (Responsible Values Funds rules, Part B, Section II, Point 1)


Logo DNV Certificazione ISO 9001 The process of ESG analysis (Environmental, Social and Governance) and shareholders engagement with companies is ISO 9001 certified. The certification defines the requirements related to Quality Management System, in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

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