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Etica Obbligazionario Misto


Assogestioni Cathegory

Mixed bond fund

Suggested to

Those who want to enter the stock market without loosing the safety of a large bond base


Mostly Euro government bonds and maximum 20% equity


The fund is classified as a category n. 3, since the variability of weekly returns achieved over the past five years is included between 2% and 5%.
The synthetic risk indicator classifies the fund on a range from 1 (lowest risk - potential lowest return) to 7 (highest risk - potential higher return) based on the historical volatility of the fund's annual observed in the previous 5 years.
Belonging to category n. 1 doesn’t guarantee a risk free investment.


65% JPMorgan EMU                        
25% JPMorgan Cash Index euro 3 months               
10% MSCI DM World Index (in euro)


- Minimum amount 500,00 euro

- Accumulation plan starting from 50 euro/month

Microcredit Donation

0,10% of the subscribed amount  


12 euro for each payment. In case of accumulation plan only for the first payment.


There are no performance, exit or entering fees. Management fee is 1,20% per year

Please read the prospectus  before

Prospectuses are available from distributors of funds and on the website

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